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We are beyond thankful for the incredible experience of this year's conference. From the speakers to the vendors to the attendees, we couldn't have asked for a better group of people and a more incredible experience.

August 30th - September 1st 2019

Baltimore, MD

Networking. Connections. Results.

Welcome to the inaugural National Conference for Reflexology & Bodywork Practitioners! We are a team of reflexologists who want to propel our profession to the next level. We have worked hard to bring together a National Reflexology & Bodywork Conference with an exciting schedule of engaging lectures, discussions and events to cultivate networking opportunities and resources so we may all create a successful future. Explore our website to see what we've been working on and register early to ensure your seat. We look forward to seeing you!

Topics of Interest

Dollars & Cents: How to Turn Your Reflexology Practice Into a Profession

Do your numbers add up? Are you bringing in the revenue to pay yourself fairly after expenses? If you're in the red now, are you saving adequately for retirement? We're discussing how to take a part-time practice into a full-time profession.

Body Mechanics for Health Professionals

We as health professionals rely on our bodies to function at peak performance in order to provide for our clients. How do we sustain our own health?

Marketing for Small Business

The average small business spends $400 on marketing each month. Don't have an extra $400? We're discussing multiple inexpensive resources for getting new clients and keeping existing ones.

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